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Biggest Lies That Were Broadcasted On Live TV

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top 10 false information that were actually said on television
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For many of us, it’s hard to think of a world where there is no television. After all, how many hours a day do you spend watching your favorite talk show, sitcom or sporting event. Quite a few people enjoy firing up the TV when their having their dinner as a way to catch up on the news and world events after a long day at work. Whatever the reason, for the past 60 years, television has played a huge role in entertaining us and keeping us connected to the outside world. For this reason, it’s also serves as a powerful tool for people who want to sell us something – whether it be a product, an idea or an ideology. Yes, watch a few hours of television and you’ll be bombarded with claims, ‘facts’ and the ‘right’ point of view.
We all know you shouldn’t believe everything you see on TV. After all, if we did, everyone would own a Shake Weight and drink Bud Lite with lime. No, we can usually sift through the lies and pick out the truth. Still, this doesn’t stop people from telling lies or viewers from thinking they are watching lies on their television screens. The following examples are some of the biggest lies or conspiracies to be broadcast on TV. From straight up lies from politicians to events which people think we’re being lied to about, these events show that, to many of us, the truth isn’t always as obvious and clear as it might seem.

Lies – we’re told not to tell them when we are little. Yet, as we get older it just seems like a lot of what we read and watch can be made up of lies. Some of the biggest lies we’ve encountered in our lives have been broadcast on TV for all the world to watch. As you’ll see, from political promises to presidential statements to world events, television had broadcast more than a few big fat lies into our living rooms. We’ve even thrown in a few conspiracy theories for those of you who think the lies are bigger than just one or two people.

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