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  • Chinese couple, 103 and 102, are still happily married after spending 96 YEARS together


    A devoted couple from a Chinese village have moved the hearts of thousands after continuing to support and love each other for 96 years.

    The 103-year-old wife moved in with her 102-year-old husband when she was just six-years-old after her parents died, reports Huanqiu, an affiliation with the People's Daily Online

    The woman followed a traditional arrangement which meant she was adopted by another family and would later marry one of the sons in the family.  

    Pictures from Chinese media show the couple, living in the town of Suqiao in Guangxi Province, enjoying a simple farming lifestyle. 

    They were seen taking holding hands while taking a stroll and sitting together outside of their home. 

    Pictures also show the pair cooking a meal together and arranging their clothes. They are never seen apart from each other. 

    According to the report, Wei Basao was orphaned when she was just six years old leaving her and her brother to fend for themselves.

    She was then given to another family in part of an old traditional arrangement where she would later marry one of the family's sons.

    Basao remembers her wedding to Wei Qishou: 'In the evening, we had dinner with all the family elders and we were married.'

    The family relied on farming to survive. The couple said they were very poor and mostly slept on bare beds without bedding. 

    She said that despite their lack of money, she was treated well by her new family and always had food to eat. 

    When they were older, Qishou worked as a farmer and Basao made shoes from hand. 

    The couple live a simple life and have never owned a car. 

    They have five sons and a daughter who visit them as much as possible. 

    As long as the weather is good, the couple enjoy walking around their village holding hands. 

    Villagers say that they have lived a long and happy life together. 

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