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5 Skinniest People In The World!

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Fat is an essential part of our body, its stored energy that we burn off to keep alive, its basically our fuel tank, while some are always topped up to the brim other are always running on reserve.

Here are the 5 skinniest people in the world.

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5) Ioana Spangenberg

32 year old Romanian model Ioana Spangenberg's skinny condition is considered natural.

Some say its made possible due to starvation however Ioana dismisses these claims and even says shes actively trying to put on weight by eating 3 meals a day that consists of Kebabs, Pizza & crisps.

She's 5ft 6, weighs 84lbs or 38kg and has a 20 inch waist only 5 inches bigger than a CD's circumference.

The exact cause of her anorexia is not known but some health experts have been quick to link it to her having an extremely fast metabolism.

4) Cathy Jung

Born in 1937, American Cathy Jung, inst the skinniest person overall however she earns her place on this list for having the smallest waist in history.

Measuring up at a crazy 15 inches, her waist is the same circumference as a CD.

Shes nicknamed herself as "the queen of corset" after she was featured in the revised edition of The Guinness Book of World Records

Cathy's tiny waist is the result of her consistently wearing corsets, she says she first wore a corset on her wedding day in 1959 and been wearing one ever since.

3) Tom Staniford

Professional British cyclist Tom Staniford is so skinny due to a rare condition called MDP Syndrome that prevents his body from storing fat.

The cause of this rare condition has only been discovered recently but there's no current cure for it.

At 6ft 3, Tom weighs only 66 pounds which is 30 kg. His condition doesn't however prevent him from leading a normal life.

He's married and has high hopes of winning the gold medal in Rio De Janiero Paralympics in 2016.

2) Lizzie Velásquez

Born in March 1989, Lizzie Velásquez is currently one of the skinniest people in the world.

She only weighs 58lbs which is 26kg and has to eat every 15 minutes just to stay alive. Due to this she takes in a whopping 5,000 - 8,000 calories a day.

She suffers from an extremely rare condition called NeoNatal ProGeroid Syndrome which currently only effects 3 people in the world.

Her condition is also known for causing premature ageing.

1) Valeria Levitin

Valeria Levitin is the skinniest woman in the world.

At 5ft 8 & weighing only 56lbs which is 25kg, she suffers from an extreme case of anorexia.

Aged 19, Valeria looked like a healthy young adult, her weight was completely normal yet she was afraid she would become obese and developed a server eating disorder.

She has been an inspiration to young girls who want to learn from her mistakes and stay safe from the condition.

She wishes to gain weight but is finding it very difficult to overcome her anorexia. Her dream is to be normal again and to become a mother.

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