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10 REAL People With Amazing Super Powers

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Top 10 men and women with incredible talent and powers you won't believe exist
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There are no two people who are exactly the same, and the uniqueness of humans is what makes our species so incredible. We all have different strengths and talents, with some that are purely natural while other talents take some intense training. So when we run into people who may or may not be actual super heroes. But we’re not talking about good Samaritans or people in uniform who defend and protect us every day. We’re talking about incredible people who were born with some pretty unique talents that make us believe that mutants and super powers are the real deal. Super heroes are all around us.
Of course, with any sort of incredible talent or super power, there comes the burden of responsibility. It’s not the responsibility to protect the community, but instead the responsibility to go out into the public eye and entertain the masses. From stretchy skin to incredible human strength, these special people have become more like sideshow acts rather than heroes that are hailed on the front page of the newspapers. The people here have dealt with both praise and scrutiny, and have managed to live semi-normal lives after adjusting to their super skills and newfound fame. The question comes down to you. What would you do if you found out that you had a real super power? Some may cower, some may accept and conquer. It all comes down to what your super power is and whether you want to use it for good or for evil.

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