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10 People Obsessed With The Perfect Body

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top 10 most extreme cases of plastic surgery and body modification
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If you surveyed people around the world and asked them whether or not they were happy with their body, you’ll find out that most people have a few things they would like to change about their body. Whether it is through diet, exercise, or surgery, the perfect body is forever within reach, but there is always something that could be changed. For some, just eating better and working out is enough to achieve the perfect body and they are happy with themselves. But for a select few, it doesn’t matter how many surgeries one has had or how much their lifestyle has changed; they will forever be unsatisfied with their body. The result for this unreachable goal is usually multiple surgeries that make the person look completely different and even inhuman.
In this video are people who are searching for the perfect body. The result is body modifications that are straight out of fantasy and have very little to do with reality. Because of their extreme modifications in the midst of their search for the perfect body, they have become famous in their own way and gathering a fan following of their own. Whether or not they will ever be satisfied with their appearance, these people have done what most of us will never have enough money for, or even be brave enough to do. Surgeries are, for the most part, permanent and a lot of work has to be done to even try to reverse the damage from a botched surgery.

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